Friday, 16 August 2013

#6 Band Of The Week: The Ha - RAng!#

Mind the gap from last week, which was in one word, hectic. Any-who! This time, our band of the week comes from a small town in Virginia although their sound is not small, nor simple not even conventional. As noisier as they can get in words, we interviewed Shane aka Wulf Baby & Greg aka Freight Train for this latest post. 

Randomeria: When was the band founded?

WB: 3 years ago minus 1 ‘cause we had a lead singer that went and had to start over. Divided by the 4 of us and you’ll quickly realise I can’t spell, tell time or do math...#Fascinating 

Randomeria: How did it all start?
WB: Freight Train and I meet working slave labour at a vintage furniture shop (my crib is all Mad Men-ed out)...I taught myself to play guitar and sing to his thumping.  
FT: Wulf Baby and I began making noise in a warehouse, while drinking cheap swill and huffing fumes from the furniture refinishing which went on during the day.  Through this maudlin cloud we managed to gain the services of Tom on the bass and Lady Nightshade on the keys.  A fusion between sound and light was happening somewhere in the darkness...with lots and lots of fumes.

Randomeria: Favourite colour?
WB: Whisky on the rocks
FT: (midnight brown)

Randomeria: Describe the Ha – RANg!# in 3 words.
WB: Fuck!#, it’s broken. 
FT: Mick Jagger’s Nightmare

Randomeria: What is the creative process within the band?
WB: I write em’, demo them, send them to the band, they ignore the demos and talk about me behind my back, I have a big cry and we start over from there. 
FT: This is fairly accurate.

Randomeria: Tell us more about the song “ DeLorean Girls”.
WB: It’s about wishing you could go back in time to make it up to your girl, it’s about being bad and feeling dirty about it but only because you got caught... I'm a real deep thinker. xo 
FT: This is a “classic” Ha-Rang tune, one we’ve been tinkering on since the beginning.  Through its evolution it has become a Frankenstein’s monster-of-sorts, with no recognizable beginning, middle, or end; At least to the unconditioned listener.  It has some silly samples now.  I sing some of it, which is the only time the Wulf Baby lets another one of us hoooooooowl. 

Randomeria: Any childhood heroes?
WB: If I ever did I’ve forgotten. 
FT: Steve Gadd.
WB: Who is Steve Gadd?

Randomeria: Who are the band´s musical influences?
WB: The Who, Horrors, Swans, Germs, Richard Hell etc. 
FT: Interpol.

Randomeria: Any plans to record an EP?
WB: Yeah we have to mix down two more tracks then we need someone to cough up the cabbage and dish this sizzle platter to the masses.... HINT HINT!.  
FT: Yes.  We did?  Sort of.  We plan to.

Randomeria: What are your plans for the rest of 2013 as a band?
WB: We are taking it one gig at a time at the moment (cause that’s what they're givin’) but would like to tour. 
FT: Continue to hound listeners on Soundcloud until we reach a critical mass.  Visit a graveyard.

Randomeria: And finally…anything you want to say to our readers?
WB: Yeah, Hi mom! Sorry for swearin’. 
FT: Thank you and GOOD LUCK with EVERYTHING.

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